How do you know if she is just using you for her personal gain?

Right, I’ve been a stupid person.
I made tons of effort for her. I listened to her issues with depression. I listened to her issues with her boyfriend. I listened a lot.

Now I get the feeling that she’s casting me aside. No contact whatsoever anymore. We used to talk daily, now not so much. What have I done wrong?

To some up my efforts: She has a difficult life and almost no time for schoolwork. I offered to help and I’m now at the stage of making her assigments all by myself while she justs whipes her nose, walks away and recieves glory for MY WORK. I also made short revisions of my courses because it helps me to study. She wanted them and I gave them, only to find out she’s never used them, when she clearly said she did.

Her boyfriend kept her awake a whole night in a drug-related fury. She had to work that whole weekend and we had a final exam the Monday after. I went to her work and give my version of a study-pack (sugar, calcium, proteïns, ... and chocolate as consolation).

I think that’s where it went wrong...
And yes.. this is the same girl I mentioned in my previous post.

What am I doing wrong? What did I do to deserve this treatment? I’ve been nothing bit nice, supportive and helpfull.
How do you know if she is just using you for her personal gain?
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