How do I get 1 female friend stop being jealous of a new female friend?

I have this friend of 5+ years. Let's call her sue. I have this new female friend let's call her jan. I known jan now for 7 months but we instsntly clicked and hit it off. Jan has a boyfriend and she asked me for relationship advice i gave it to her and now she's happy and stress free from relationship. But jan know how to make me laugh we can talk about anything and talk and laugh for hours.

Sue doesn't like this at all. Her and jan didn't click when they first met. Everything was good until all of us started working together. Coworkers started getting upset because jan didn't click as quick with them as she did to me. They accused me of changing up when i didn't change at all. I found out this was coming from my close friend sue. She hated the bond me and jan instantly made. She got mad when she found out i have jan number. She told me i couldn't talk to her no more since i got jan number. Then she told me i replaced her with other women 1 being jan.

Jan no longer work with us because of sue's jealousy and moody ways. She hasn't worked with us in a month or 2. Why is sue still talking about jan.

Sue is still saying i don't love her and that i replaced her with jan. Those 5 years we have most don't mean anything to me. How could i let another woman take her place in my life. After i told her and told her that i didn't want to here about another woman takjng your place in my life cause they can't. She got drunk the other day and brought this you replaced me with all these women. I guess a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

She hates every attractive woman i talk too or might be interested in. She always finds something wrong with them.

How do i get her to stop bringing up jan name and me replacing her in my life?
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She's jealous of 2 women. 1 of them i told her i'm going to try and get to know better because she seemed cool. She seemed cool at first but now she started trying to find bad stuff about this girl. The stuff she found "bad" i was ok with it and she got mad at me for being ok with it. Like she want me to hate this girl
How do I get 1 female friend stop being jealous of a new female friend?
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