Has My Girlfriend dumped me totally?

I had a Neighbor girl whom i like too much but almost one month ago, She coincidentally got to see me when My oldest Sister's boyfriend was punishing me naked, he was pulling and yanking my penis and i was crying due to extreme pain, From Next day onwards that Neighbor girl stopped talking to me and she ignores me but She still talks with My both older Sisters and even she talks with My Sister's boyfriend, What does this mean? Has she dumped me because she thinks i am just a timid and weak boy? Or she has attracted towards My Sister's boyfriend because he is a tall and Strong Guy? You may read My first post which is on My profile.
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I have turned 17 in July but i have quite skinny and looks like a 13-14 years old boy... i have a average size penis and at that day that neighbor girl got to see my all private parts, also he was yanking my penis badly So Is there any chance that she didn't like my penis size? Girls usually like big size Guys.
Has My Girlfriend dumped me totally?
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