Is this attention seeking? A side crush? Or is she crazy?

I have a thing for one of the girls who works at my location, but we don't work together.

After a few months of flirting last year, I asked her out and she told me she was seeing someone. After a few months, she was flirting more and more and would get upset if I didn't talk to her, and she'd go out of her way to find me.

Only a month ago I transferred to her location, even though I don't see her often, she does try to talk to me. But acts like I'm invisible when her boyfriend is there. But others have noticed what's going on. I've tried to just do my job and go home and minimize contact, but she literally hunted me down at work and asked why I've not been talking to her. As well as asking me to find her on social media.

She's so hot and cold, I don't know what's going on. Since she talked to me and got mad about me avoiding her, every time I see her, if I see her, she's with her boyfriend and we haven't talked cause of that.

I'm gonna be off for the next week and a half and I'm sure she's gonna still think I'm avoiding her and come and talk to me again. But I don't understand why. Her boyfriend works there too. They live together and we really don't know each other.

My manager sees what's happening, and she thinks I'm a plan b and could be used to replace the boyfriend.

What do you think?
Attention seeking
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Side crush
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She's just crazy
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Is this attention seeking? A side crush? Or is she crazy?
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