This is a mystery but I dont know how she feels?

Ok well me and this girl been talking for 6 months now she likes to use emojis in her texts and flirts in person she has told me all her secrets and is not dating anyone right now and I told her I like her in text. But me and her met by being on a college golf team and her sister is with us also now the other sister said she likes me because she confessed to me before but I confessed to her sister cause I like her more its been weird lately cause they both love my text messages. And recently she agreed with me to talk with her in person but her sister is always around which gets me nervous cause I want to confess to the sister I like which makes it complicated so on that day after we played golf I sent her a message saying she was the first girl I golfed alone with but she laughed and said okay? and then after she said it has been long day so can you please stop texting me which gives me the impression i have been rejected but she copied my laughing emojis I use so I don't know i have been in pain since but i get the impression she is playing hard to get because she keeps asking me questions and waves and smiles at me and we did have a second date where she tried to kiss me I just want the pain to go away?
This is a mystery but I dont know how she feels?
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