Do straight feminists knowingly perpetuate the patriarchy?

I find it hypocritical when I see that most of the straight (and some bisexual) artsy liberal feminists I know only date tall, good-looking, rich men. It's completely their choice of course but should they really be out there on social media advocating for body positivity and inclusivity when half of them have actually admitted to choosing a boyfriend based on the size of his dick and — despite having well-paying jobs of their own and good qualifications — preferably someone who comes from a really rich family? They never say this at first but it's usually a matter of time before they admit it. As someone who doesn't fulfill those requirements, I feel pretty bad that my friends (regardless of whether I want to sleep with them) implicitly think of me as inferior because of a body that I can't change.
Sometimes it feels like no matter what happens, no matter how much yass-queening and AOC fangirling people (including myself) do, these size queens will always be there, holding up the patriarchy by effectively saying that a real man is tall, rich, has a big dick and a strong jawline.
I like my lesbian friends.
Do straight feminists knowingly perpetuate the patriarchy?
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