My brother’s girl?

Been with my girl for 7 years and i’m still crazy about her. Her only flaw: she never forgives people who do her wrong, like if people spread lies about her, she will hold on to it and hate u forever. My brother is finally dating his longtime friend for 1yr. now and unfortunately, his girl said a lie about my girl 5 YEARS AGO and my girl is still bitter/upset about it. There is tension whenever we get together. They dont fight, but she gives my brother’s girl the silent treatment/does not acknowledge her presence. When my brother’s girl tries to engage in conversation with my girl, my girl ignores her making everything awkward. What if they get married? I've tried asking my girl nicely to just try engage with her hoping they can be friends, but she is still bitter even if it was 5 years ago. She then gets mad at me, saying i am tolerating people to disrespect her. My brother is even noticing and we are debating whether we should talk to his girl just to apologize so there would be no tension-but she likely still won't forgive. It’s 5 years ago, we all grew up since then right? My brother’s girl never even said anything about her since the 5 years. Any advice on how i can deal with this?
My brother’s girl?
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