Girls, After almost 6 months of No Contact, SHE reached out to me. Why? Breadcrumbing?

So, she broke up with me back in May 2020. Next month it's gonna be 6 months of that event.
We're still friends on Facebook, she hasn't blocked me on Whatsapp.
She's still subscribed to my YouTube channel and I'm her only subscriber.

After the breakup, I immediately went No Contact. I never reached out in any way or form.
I did, last month checked her social media and didn't find anything.
No "new guys", no "babe, love" tags or posts, nothing. It looks like she's been busy with her work.

Last week it was her birthday. I didn't write her anything. I did thought of her the whole fucking day. But, I didn't reached out. I saw that she uploaded some selfies and she was alone at home with a little cake. I felt bad for her. Because she is alone and she drives people away. Like she did with me. And she is older than me. (She is 37 and I'm 28M).

But, she wrote me a "Happy Birthday!" yesterday. Yes, our birthdays are a week apart.
But, Why would she do that after what she told me when she broke up with me?
She was really clear. In fact, she was mean with me the day it happened. It was humiliating.

- She said and I quote: "We shouldn't be in contact. We need to evolve, maybe in 3 years we could try again. IF we ever find each other again."
As I said, I went NCR with her right after hanging up. And now, after almost 6 months I receive a Happy Birthday post from her on my Facebook wall. I haven't replied to her yet. I was thinking of keeping it casual, "Thanks!" or "Thank you! Hope you had a good one too!" and that's it.

I don't know what to do. Yes, I still love her but I love myself more, that's why it's easier for me to keep NC. Why would she do it? Why reach out? She wanted me to leave, right? So I did, why congratulate me if she didn't wanted to be in contact in the first place?

I hope you girls can help me out with this one.
Anyway, Thanks for your time and for reading.
Happy Halloween!
Girls, After almost 6 months of No Contact, SHE reached out to me. Why? Breadcrumbing?
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