Why would she suddenly cut me out?

This girl and I were work colleagues and we hit it off straight away. We flirted, laughed, had chemistry etc. she showed signs of interest and I’d catch her a few times staring at me. We sat together during break times and we’d get to know each other more it was great. I felt like there was a tension between us. She hinted about hanging out together one weekend when she was free. I added her on socials.
But from then things went weird. She didn’t accept me on socials, then at work she’d try get my attention then runaway. If I talked to her she’d act busy. She’d then try to flirt with other guys at work and look to see if I was jealous. I was confused with her signals so I confronted her about it. Then she got me in trouble with the boss saying I’m making her uncomfortable. I apologised to her then ignored her afterwards. She got mad I ignored her but I was hurt she went behind my back and got me in trouble, it felt like she broke my trust. She even looked hurt I was ignoring her. I don’t get her though why get me in trouble and then think everything is still fine. She wanted to hang out one weekend but she won’t accept me on social media.
She tried getting my attention still but I didn’t pay any attention towards her. Within a few weeks she quit so I sent her a message explaining everything and how I was feeling and she blocked me. I think she may have liked me more then friends but I’m not sure. Why would she act this way then cut me off?
Why would she suddenly cut me out?
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