Do I have a chance with this girl? Not sure what happened?

We went on 4-5 dates over the course of about a month. Things were going well lots of laughing, similar interests, making out on dates etc.

Last time I tried to set up a date she hit me with this: "You are super cool and fun but I'm so busy with work, family, and things going on. If you want to still be friends and what not that's cool but I don't know about more than that."

Keep in mind this is NOT after me pushing for anything serious. It's after asking her on a date, something we had been doing at least weekly for a month.

Anyways I told her I understand the busy schedule & would still like to see her if our schedules matched up BUT that I was not interested in being "just friends" because I liked her romantically.

She said "I understand but for right now all I'm looking for is friends"

At this point I'm starting to think she was just dumping me. I told her to contact me if something changes and that I would see her around. She replied "Yeah I'll see you at XXX". (place we both frequent).

My question is could this really be just because she was busy? I haven't tried calling since this exchange I figured the ball is in her court. I guess I'm wondering how likely she is to reach back out? It's been about a week.
Do I have a chance with this girl? Not sure what happened?
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