Why is this girl so jealous of me?

This girl who was only Facebook friends with me only added me for the purpose of gaining information and basically stealing my life. I was getting remarried on July 24,2021 but the date has changed to the 27th. This girl has copied my personality, characteristics, things I done in life, things I planned, and so forth. Posed as me on social media and dating sites.. She even found some dude name David because I had past issues with a guy with that name. That’s who I figured it was cyberstalking me. She created fake accounts to harass me. I haven’t posted nothing of my life anyhow. She would use other people to gain information on me. My wedding date had to be moved and the planning hasn’t started yet. I’m already identity theft victim so she isn’t helping. I remember she used to have her friends or my friends calling my man to see what I was doing Or what we were doing. Then you will see it on social media. I haven’t did anything that I wanted to do because she wouldn’t stop. I live a private life so I guess that didn’t help either. I even threw my wedding planner in the trash can.
Why is this girl so jealous of me?
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