This is stressing me out cause I'm so unsure what to do?

been dating this girl few months things have been great and we are such good match we said and feel the same , now I know covid has ruined a lot of things and been tough but we have managed, now she's getting her house that she's just bought renovated and its hard as its old needs a lot of work and she can't get contractors in all at once as it can only be one at a time,
her mum had back surgery and she is helping and looking after her, as her dad is working what he can the now, she also has 4 year old son so yeah she has a lot going on , and I'm helping as much as I can I don't stay close 2 hours down road , but Im trying to help be there do what I can always offering and she says glade to have me and thankful I'm here, all of a sudden she tells me she is stressed and something has to give and thats me , she tells me its best for the now as she can't commit to me, (I respect her decision) she tells me she doesn't want to lose me and really likes me and would regret so heavily is she lost me , now I said I would wait and she is estatic at that and says she wants me here to talk to and be positive and help her ,,

WELL... NOW I get left on read when I text, I'm lucky if I get one text a day , I'm so unsure where I stand now iv went from being this guy she tells me she is falling for and wants sees a future with asking me what id like in the house and if I can add anything say and I was about to meet friends and family then all of a sudden I don't exist... im not meaning sound selfish I'm really trying to be here and wait but can someone tell me if I'm being stupid by still being here or what or I should stay... I need an outside view here please if anyone can help me or give me advise?
This is stressing me out cause I'm so unsure what to do?
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