Is she avoiding me or escaping her issues?

I have this friend from my first job that I talk to from time to time.
About 5 months ago, she ended things with her boyfriend and after a few weeks of talking, I asked if we could hang out and she said yes, but in two weeks because of a deadline at work.
She took a long time to answer back and said she had a lot going on and wasn't mentally ok to talk to people and hold conversations.
She apologized for not being honest and giving more details, but she just was having issues and was avoiding social media in general. She's been constantly deactivating her Facebook account too.
Since she told me she'd let me know when we could get together, it's literally been 2 months and I see her active on social media a lot and I feel ignored and that she was just not being honest about wanting to hang out.

What do you think?
Avoiding me
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Escaping her issues
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Is she avoiding me or escaping her issues?
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