Should our family just ignore her?

I been quiet and I been observing because of what I’m going through. There was this chick who basically tried to pass off my life as her life. I don’t know why she was jealous. She even went far as to getting a man and trying to make my life hers. Now the man family says they been questioning who she was the entire time. The man moved into her house straight out the blue and fast. Then they moved into a small apartment. The man is married with four boys while the family especially his mom didn’t say a word. I never experienced someone who passed off my life and characteristics as theirs. Now she’s starting drama. My friends ultimately became her friends and I had to cut everyone a loose. I already knew the man was married with 4 boys. All this time he used a fake name and used someone daughter as his own. The guy just met her in November. Now the guy says that she asked him to marry her on July 24, 2021. My boyfriend and I had to change our wedding date. I spoke with the guy mom today and she says that she had no clue where the girl came from. She said his friends even asked about her. They don’t know why she did this. The man said she was even ordering herself flowers at work. she’s in jail now but we just wanna know why.
Should our family just ignore her?
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