Does she only see me as a friend or is she developing feelings for me?

one of my roommates who i have gotten to be better friends with over the past couple months has been giving me this feeling that she likes me more than just a friend. she's always laughing at things i say that aren't even supposed to be funny, she stares at me a lot and when i catch her she quickly looks away, takes advice i give her (she said not all like the dating advice i give her and she says after dating for the past 2 months she's been telling me she wants to stay single).

the last guy she dated even had to ask her if she had sex with me. he was super insecure about me for some reason even though id be a good host like make coffee and plate snacks (i pride myself on being a good host to guests) and just being a very welcoming host. even her parents like to chat with me when they come by to visit my roommate. she's mentioned to me how moving into the house we all live in (there's 5 of us) has made her very relaxed.

I've told her we are just friends and how she should see me as one of the girls which she says she does agree with. i can tell she's never been so comfortable around a guy before to the point of knowing her secrets too fast and knowing her quirks. I've been putting effort into being her friend (she needs a good genuine friend given where she is in her life) and i see the effort in her part too.

it just feels like she's hiding something from me and i feel like she may have developed some sort of feelings for me.

also i see her as a friend and that she needs good male friends in her life. i try to promote her to use facebook dating and she gets super annoyed.
Does she only see me as a friend or is she developing feelings for me?
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