Who should apologize first?

Should I apologize to my friend or wait for her to apologize. Long story short she got back with her ex who cheated on her and 8 months later I decided to talk to her about and she wouldn’t listen and so I turned to her best friend who had no idea that she took him back. This turned to my friend hating me. She says she didn’t hate me but was annoyed I did that. I was trying to protect her though. This guy played her for a year by dating her while still seeing his wife after he kept promising her he would leave his wife. After a year he finally did and my friend was happy only to be hurt 3 months later when he leaves her for his wife after cheating on my friend. He then begs for forgiveness from her and she takes him back. What pisses me off more is he still lives with his wife still and my friend knows and is being in denial of the truth. He shouldn’t even be alone with his wife if he wants my friend back and should be staying with her and not his wife. The worst part is she has depression and has been suicidal before. I don’t regret what I tried to do because I was trying to protect her but the same time I don’t think I should of stopped talking to her. Should I be the bigger person and apologize first or wait for her to apologize.
Who should apologize first?
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