Is she into me? What should I do?

There is this girl at part time job and she seems really cute. But i dont know if she's into me, i can't really decipher this behaviour. Whenever we make eye contact, which happens not that often especially if she knows i look at her she usually doesn't really look at me. And when i say Hi a she responds with hi, than there is not really a strong eye contact or smile or whatever (she barely even looks at me). Looks like she's not interested, BUT. I tend to catch her a lot looking at me from far away. It could be just coincidence that we looked at each other by random, but damn it happenes so many times. The thing is when i catch her she immediatly lookes away, dont smile anything. she's completely neutral. There is no chance for me to somehow attract her or whatever without going straight to her and start talking. But damn im so shy to do so. The thing is that her good friend who is always with her (they not lesbian) does the same sh*t. Looking at me a lot a immidetaly looks away when i catch them but nothing else. My mom, who was even working with her for a few days in a job, told me at home that she was asked by her how her son's doing (me). About talking, I've never really talked to them. Well like once when i had birthday i was offering some colleagues pie i baked and she was there there with her friend so i offered them i pie and she was like okay meanwhile her friend was so polite and smiling at me, which seemed weird to me because she always acts like a tough girl. I think they know i may be interested into them but i am shy to do so, after 3 months i still haven't really make a move so i think that they probably lost interest anyway because girls dont like shy guys after all. But they still kinda do it. So i dont know if they play ultimate hard to get or just not interested. I dont know if should grab my balls and approach them after that long time, because i would probably look super needy or obessed by them. FB is not solution, it'd be creepy.
Is she into me? What should I do?
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