Girls which man do you want?

Girls, which type of man would you rather have?

A.) One who is Old-Fashioned, Wrangler wearing, Strong, masculine, dominant, hard working, take charge, no nonsense, respects women but doesn't cower to them

B.) Modern, skinny jeans, man bun, beanies, passive, submissive, follow along, respects and fears women and allows them to have control.

I personally feel Man A is a John Wayne type and Man B is more what we are stuck with now.
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1 y
Let's face it!! Men are becoming soft, they are so worried about being judged as sexist that they act as giant sissies. I want a man who doesn't go to the salon for his haircuts, doesn't get manicures and pedicures. I want a man that can defend and protect me if needed. So far it appears that is what the majority of us women want.
Girls which man do you want?
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