Why won’t they let me?

So 4 months ago I stopped talking to one of my friends. She got back together with her ex who lied and cheated on her and when I tried to talk to her about it and even getting her best friend in on it to that caused her to lash out on me. I know i probably shouldn’t but I was trying to protect her because she goes through depression and anxiety. In the end I apologized for doing it and I was I looking out for her. She says she wasn’t mad she was just annoyed but that she was over it. Either way I told her I couldn’t talk to her for awhile because she was with him and that I couldn’t watch her get hurt again. So 4 months now 5 we have not spoken. The first month was but the last 4 people keep asking me the same thing over and over and that is have I heard or talked to her and each time I tell them no and why I haven’t but they just keep reminding me and now recently I’ve been thinking about her way to much to the point where I see her in dreams. Why won’t they leave me alone
Why won’t they let me?
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