Does she like me or does she just see me as a close friend?

- She is an introvert, a nerd and a member of a walking group.
- If on a group walk, she will generally talk to me the most and will start the conversation. She can be nervous.
- If I’m talking to others on a walk, she’ll join in the conversation.
- She rarely texts me first but when i do, she’ll ask follow up questions most times. Her replies are generally brief.
- She opens up to me and keeps me updated about what she’s up to. She also asks me about things I’m doing.
- Sometimes if I make prolonged eye contact with her whilst talking, she’ll do the same. Other times not.
- She’ll lean in if we’re sitting opposite and I lean in.
- She won’t move away if my face gets close to hers whilst talking.
- Sometimes she gets very close while we’re walking side by side. Other times not.
- She always asks me questions to elaborate on things I’m talking about. She always keeps the conversation going by asking me questions.
- She listens to me when talking about my passions and asks questions even if I’m having this conversation with someone else.
- She mentions the positives in me (my many hobbies & she says she wished she more too, my ambitions and says she wishes she was more ambitious)
- a female friend and guy friend of mine (who has liked her for a long time but got rejected) thinks she likes me.
- she can sometimes be quiet around me or face away from me.
- She generally says yes to hanging out but sometimes will say “could do but I don’t like that activity” or “could do but I do have things to do that day”. She tends to eventually come to a decision to do it anyway.
- I suggested to her she could come with me last minute to go to the park once and she said she wasn’t sure as she was about to make lunch and go shopping. I suggested she lets me know if she decides she wants to come and she later texted me to ask if I’m still there and she walked 45 minutes to come and see me.
- She says my name a lot. She mentions me in conversation a lot to others.
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Does she like me or does she just see me as a close friend?
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