Why do women refuse to understand men?

The friend zone Topic
now a lot of women become really really close friends with The Guy who is interested in having a relationship with her. But she leads him on going Ving him false hope that some way there's a possibility. This possibility comes from the male brain. the female brain (aww he is a great friend )
sonething to women need to grasp (and fast too.
1. dont lead him on
2. dont give him false hope
3. Tell him look I think your a handsome guy (even though he isn't) but you not looking to go into a relationship with him
(He may convince you that he not trying to.../but that is his strategy to keep the friendship that he may have a relationship with you later on when you in the most vulnerable state.)
Too many girls lead men on giving them false hope and in the wasting his time
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Why do women refuse to understand men?
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