Girls, is having a jealous boyfriend is no-go (turn off) for you?

I had this ex before, she always was the jelly quiet type (she doesn't open up any conversation at all with me unless I start) she told me I should not be close to other girls like friends. However, I agreed with understanding she could feel hurt by that. Anyway, after months she got new guy friend which she always said I don't have to worry about. She said they were like friends, not more nor less.
I was okay with it since I don't mind if she had guy friends (I mind if he got too close for her) but not for long, whenever I was away or even with her texting, she was texting him and she's the quiet non-talkative type she says... on some point I caught her talking with him at 4am. She apologized and I said okay I understand and it was really shitty.
After that, I could not handle that she always text him even in morning, she even tells him that if she was in a party and so on. I told her to choose over me and him, she hesitated but chose me over all, she started to cry about it and said "he was like a brother to me", I was shocked that stopping texting him made her cry like wtf.. I left her after weeks than that.
Girls, is having a jealous boyfriend is no-go (turn off) for you?
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