Don’t really understand the problem?

- Way before lockdown, I joined a women’s socialising group.

- I wanted to make some new friends, as I didn’t have any until I joined the group (ltr).

- I joined a women’s group - and the organiser hosted bi-weekly events at no cost to us, with free entry free drinks and free food at VIP places in London.

- She is black. I am white (and most of the girls attending are white).

- Recently, one of the girls attending randomly made the comment that she was “very white and very conservative”, to the black girl (at a party in the black girl’s home).

- At times, she appeared to treat the organiser in an entitled way, and also looked at her disgusted at times. I think she was drunk to be honest lol.

- Anyway the organiser removed her from the group, on suspicion of “racism”.

- The white girl says that she is NOT racist, as she has lived in Spain for a few weeks - and feels that she should be re-admitted to the socialising group.

- I agree with her, as she did not say anything explicitly racist. She is super nice to me also, and all the other white girls.

- So I took her to the organiser’s events - that the organiser hosts.

- These events were in PUBLIC places, they are not PRIVATE events - so I don’t understand what the problem is. Anyone can attend?

- I’ve told the black organiser, and the white girl that was removed from the group that I agree with both their perspectives.

- And I’d like to maintain friendships are both of them and continue to attend the events, and to continue to attend the complimentary events.

1 y
3 other white women in the group strongly agree with me (that the white girl has been treated badly - with the ‘race card’ in play ) and as such they have stopped talking to the organiser, kind of stand her up at events, or turn up a few hours late - but they’re still attending the events (since the events were in public places, and as they blk girl introduced us).

- The organiser removed me from the group, after the last event !.
- I honesty I don’t understand why. I’m not racist myself, a
1 y
as I'm not racist myself, as for example I’m dating a black guy that’s her friend. Can’t we just respectfully agree to disagree and continue on as we were previously, since is it a friendship group ? I wanna hear have any suggestions for how I can better explain this to her.- I’ve explained it to another girl in the group that is black. And she completely agrees that the white girl SHOULD be allowed back to the complimentary events (... so she might take all the deleted members to t
Don’t really understand the problem?
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