How to move on / get my mind off a girl?

2 months ago, I got in contact with a crush I knew in the 7th grade (I'm in the 11th grade rn). She rejected me at that time. We don't stay around each other in person and we don't know where each other lives. But the first month we started talking over instagram, she says she remembers everything about me. More than I remembered about her. We texted, sent voice messages, called each other, laughed at stuff I said, and she tells me that she regrets ignoring me in middle school. Her and I have so much in common and we used to get flirty and talked about nsfw stuff. We're both introverts and we get really shy around the opposite gender. She even called me 'hun' after a compliment. We even talked about how we both got bullied sometimes and I would always push her to not give up on herself. Then she told me about how she only has 2 female friends and like 10 guy friends (including an ex) due to being slut shamed. Then she started getting more quiet. She even ignores my messages while she's deadass online 24/7. I honestly think she talks to other boys and maybe our flame died out.
Recently she ghosted me all last week and still today. Then she casually replies to me messages saying 'good morning' and 'i just need time to myself' and then goes quiet again rn. Not even considering me. I think my love for her is growing too fast.
How can I do this as well? I've gotten advice from my friends and the internet on how to move on from a girl, except im not actually moving on. I'm trying to worry more on myself until she replies to me. I don't know if she's really taking time to herself, talking to other guys, or playing hard to get (which is really unlike her), but I wanna be as thoughtless as her right now to avoid becoming desperate.

How do I learn this emotionless ghosting power?
Give yourself some time away from her as well.
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She has other options, so get you more options as well and not be sad.
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How to move on / get my mind off a girl?
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