What happened? Can anyone help me?

(B) Alright. Hear me out. A few nights ago, i (r) had a lovely conversation with a nice
(i) young lady. And no. I didn't start (t) some... some... old pervy guy exchange (t) with her. I dont think we even crossed the (n) line over to a PG rating.

(e) As far as i was concerned, this was like (y) talking to my niece.

(1) So, half an hour ago... I tried to drop her a (5) line. Just a friendly "Whats up, kiddo?"

(5) Much to my surprise, she blocked me.

Im not mad. Im concerned, more than anything.

If you van contact her, please tell her that im sorry for offending her. And if she can send me a one-time email, telling me what i said... id be in your debt.

What happened? Can anyone help me?
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