Randomly blocked on everything story time venting?

So this girl and I started something incredibly healthy filled up each other's check boxes on almost everything except the religious part whom she was very religious. We met in Vegas about 3 months ago talked every day. I invited her out to sedona and she agreed to come out and we spent two weeks together. During this time though, her ex fiance who cheated on her reached out and screwed with her head using some tactics to manipulate her and the girl he was cheating with also started harassing her and then the mom of the ex... I saw how hurt and confused she was and we talked about it stating she wasn't healed enough and it kept coming up and not in good ways. We would've been in a relationship if it wasn't for that she said. About a week before coming out to visit me in Austin she cancelled her ticket and blocked me on everything thinking I was gunna change her mind. She said she was afraid of catching feelings, wasn't ready for a relationship, needed to focus on school, and heal from the past shit that just came up. But like damn im just left out in the wind dumb struck asking myself why push people out of your life?
Randomly blocked on everything story time venting?
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