My boss sent me inappropriate pictures?

So two weeks ago my boss and I started joking about us getting married. She told me “do you want to marry me? Sign here”. She was asking me to sing a document about my shift. And I said yes, “of course I want to marry you.” Since then it was an inside joke between us. Sometimes I would give her a side hug and one time we hold each other’s hands. The other day I told her that if she wanted to marry me she needed me to give me a ring and she asked me for my ring size and told me she was going to buy it. Yesterday we started texting in the middle of the night. We were flirting with each other and I thought we were just playing, if you will. The next day she we were joking around again but a coupled minutes later I told her that I was going to take a shower because I was going to hang out with my sister and she asked me to video call her so she could see me showering. That made me so uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. She also asked me I wanted to go out to grab some drinks with her and a friend of hers. I said that I was going to think about it. Today she sent me a selfie, and then sent me two pictures of her naked. I was so confused but again I didn’t say anything and I asked her if her friend took a picture and she said yes and that she wanted me to pose with her for his friend. I would never do that. I’d never allow someone to take pictures of me naked. A few minutes later she sent me an audio message of her moaning. I’m sure she was having sex with her friend.

I feel so stupid because I thought she was joking this whole time. I’m not going to lie I do have a crush on her but after that audio message she sent me I feel so stupid and disappointed

A couple of hours ago she sent me a message apologizing and telling me she is so ashamed and she feels bad for sending me all that crap. Tomorrow Im going to see her and I feel like I’m not going to be able to look at her face. I told her that we needed to talk but I don’t even know what to say.
My boss sent me inappropriate pictures?
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