Girls, I like her but do I have a chance with her?

I accidentally followed a girl who I see at my gym, sometimes people like different on social media. Maybe because of eye liner/shadow etc.

back story: She study’s at the same university as me , we are also from the same hometown. We followed each other on social media (Instagram) I had messaged her a year ago and had no luck she didn’t even open my message.

However, we followed each other again recently. I thought she was really pretty but I didn’t message her because I am kinda shy and scared of rejection I still didn’t realise she goes to my gym.

I built up the confidence to message her. She posted a story about being on a walk. So I took a chance and reacted to the post, then she liked it.

I didn’t expect her to respond as she didn’t previously and just get a lot of guys message online. The conversation when like this

Me: “Sunday walks are the best , is it Peak District?”
Her: yessss , it is indeed x”
Me: sounds good , was it far to walk, it gets so dark early now 😢x”
Her: nah it’s only down the road , yeah I know it’s really bad 🙁x”

I looked at her photos and realised it’s a girl I have seen often in the gym. I like her but not sure if I have a chance. Do you think she recognises me she sees me in a lot. How do I not mess up and how do I stand a chance with her?
Girls, I like her but do I have a chance with her?
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