Is it normal the be scared of older men?

Hey, so I’m 15. I’m scared of older men. Not like a phobia but... Thankfully I was born into a great family with so much love so my fear does not come from here. It comes from seeing all those news every single day, being catcalled since I was a little girl. I can’t even wear what I like when I go out in public in some certain places, old creepy men already stare at me while I have sweatpants and a mask on. You might think that I’m exagerrating but of course I know that not all of them are bad, but I just feel the need to be cautious. I try not to go out alone especially at night. I’m always with my friends or family. I’m just 15 so I can’t drive until I’m 18. my parents or friends take me to places. Sometimes I have to take public transport but that is so scary. But it is even scarier to take taxis I never take them alone. I’m planning on taking martial art classes after covid. and I’m thinking about pepper spray. do you have more suggestions for cautions?
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no offence to good nice older men.
Is it normal the be scared of older men?
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