What does this all mean when a girl sends mixed signals?

I have contact with a great girl I met on Twitter. We talk quite a lot but there are some things i notice.
I'm always the person who text first. I think she sends mixed signals. For instance she tweeted about wanting to date and organise something sweet/cute. So we talked about it in private messages and we both agreed on some nice idea's or concepts. But when I initiated the idea to do that concept together. She kinda backed off by saying if I don't live too far away for it. Since I live at the other side of our country (Netherlands) Furthermore she looks like to act interested when we text each other and laugh when I joke about stuff. Also when I found a mini dino in a toy store. (since her nickname has something to do with mini-dino's) She said I can sent it to her by mail. But she never continued about this when I asked how she wants to recieve the dino.
So to ask to you guys and girls. Am I just reading signals wrongly or is it something else? Sorry by the way if its in the wrong section. This is my first post ever.
What does this all mean when a girl sends mixed signals?
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