Realtionship damaged or done?

So I've been talking to a woman for on and off 4 months now. We met on the app meetme. We live in the same town as well. The last time I messaged her she asked why I never really talk to her. We hit it off afterward. We decided to meet on November 2nd. It was awesome. We talked for hours. There is chemistry there. She then decided to surprise me with a birthday cake on November 5th. All was good except I didn't kiss her. She brought it up that night. We were going with the flow, talking and texting daily and spending time together when we had time. But back to the meet me app. I asked her when I could see her again. She made the comment since you still on meet me, I don't know when. it started an argument. Then this past Sunday, it came to blows. I woke up in a bad mood, didn't text her much. Then that night, shit hit the fan. I hadn't heard from her so I had a hunch where she was. She was on meet me. I text her asking what she was doing. Said she was at church. I said your on meet me at church. We started cussingeach other out. She claims she was at church with her family, that when she got done she was gonna come see me and ask me to be her man, then get us a hotel room. Normally this would end a relationship or talk of one. She still wants to see where things go. She just wants to start over. I've deleted the meet me app completely off my phone. I know for a fact she's still on it. What does everyone think? Is it worth saving?
Realtionship damaged or done?
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