I don't even know what to do nor think?

So first of all, i'm a shy guy. Especially when it comes down to someone I like.. So here I go. There is this girl I have feelings for... In fact she at first gave me lots of signals of liking me before we even talked. She seems to be shy too.. however we did end up talking eventually. She would come up to me and all that.. But she out of nowhere became so strange to me later. Like she would out of nowhere kinda avoid me but at the same time still look at me and show signs of interest. What I did? I later on told her about my feelings. She said she had someone but she actually doesn't. I also know why she pushed me away. Cause she heard bad rumors about me from someone close to her.. and maybe cause I was too shy. And maybe something else I don't know. However I did leave her alone but still saw her a lot cause her job was in a store and it's a public place. She would still make eye contact/look at me and come my way on purpose. Or she would talk to someone but look at me. She also would walk close past me.. To me and my friends it felt like she still had interest. I also remember getting a follow request from her bff..

Few months later (recently) we saw each other again on a different location. She works somewhere else now and she still looks at me and she noticed me before I did. I don't talk to her cause I really don't want to bother her. I still love her a lot tho.. last week she stopped walking when she saw me and she would also look at me when I kinda ignored her as we walked past each other. And when she left she took a last look.. about today tho. She obviously saw me but I'm always with someone. I feel very uncomfortable alone. The problem is, my friend had to go but I was still drinking or smoking. I saw her looking at me from inside literally her eyes were on me. She almost used her whole body to check.. She didn't look mad what I could tell but I don't know what to think. I'm not a stalker. I love her but i'm too shy to talk to her again..
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I'm also new here, learning lol
I don't even know what to do nor think?
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