Is this women a strong person?

Bisa is 23 years old. She is a single mother, works two full time jobs, and her boyfriend, Zane, is a high school dropout who recently got out of jail for armed robbery/ being caught with drugs. Bisa always reminds her daughter to be strong, independent, and be selfless at all times. After having a miscarriage, Bisa started eating a lot of junk food. For breakfast she'd eat cake and pizza, for lunch she'd eat hamburgers, cookies, fries, and cake. Dinner, she'd eat the rest of her cake. Sometimes she'd give her daughter cake for dinner because she would be too tired to cook after work. Bisa gained a lot of weight, but just bought bigger clothing. When she found out Zion went to the movies with another women/ bought the women a small swim suit, she smiled at Zion and said it was okay. then went into her bedroom and ate a whole box of cookies.
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Is this women a strong person?
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