How many of you had to cuff friendships?

In my case I used to be friends with this girl we went to college together. Her and I we were talking months ago about trucks. She tells me she hates truck they are way to big for her. She will never dive one. My car stop working so I decided to get a truck especially it is safer now that I have my little boy I decided to buy Dodge Ram truck. She saw my truck on my drive way She makes a comments like why would you buy a truck a woman looks weird driving trucks , Me I just tough she hated trucks. But here is the weird thing weeks later she buys a dodge same model , color and year. Same things happen when I bought a dinning room set she buys the same set. It is not only that she makes unnecessarily comments.
1 y
I apologize I meant to say Cutt off.
How many of you had to cuff friendships?
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