Have you ever been told you’re ugly?


A girl at my school called me ugly once when I was in year 8, at first I was denial, then when puberty started to hit, I spent many years believing that I was ugly and projected the mindset into falsely believing that every girl thinks the same which is why I struggled interacting with girls because I thought I wasn’t worthy.

No one has called me ugly since then and good news that I left “the ugly guy mindset” sometime again but the way I get looked at by girls sometimes, never being approach by girls or even get matches on Tinder or any social media sites does make me wonder “Do they think I’m a unattractive and weird, but don’t wanna to tell me that because they don’t want to hurt my feelings”.

Is there anyone else care to share their experiences being called and it effected your self-confidence?
Have you ever been told you’re ugly?
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