How do I believe I can? How do I find the right guys?

So, I have been sabotaged , and I am trying to move away. I have a liberal arts degree and I had 2 pestigious interviews after college, I am 2.5 years post graduation... I met these guys on line but they seen not to be stepping up at the same time. I am struggling barely getting by and very insecure about this because, I am Am almost 26 years old without a single successful relationship. I was nearly handicapped after medical malpactice done on me a few days after I graduated. I lived in a place that loved to sabotage people, and I had no support.

I did college. I paid for it my self. My mother didn't send me any money in school and I was barraged by sexism as soon as I graduated and did not keep a job. Little did I know I was in one of the worst places in the country and world. I was swiftly, robbed of IDs, and SS and no one took my identity as an out of state resident when I needed to work. I have been stuggling to support myself since being medically abused without a very involved family in my early 20s limping from bad hospitals and only to talk to men for a year and soem a few months who cry that I am god digging by asking for help.

Heckled in the streets by very nasty ghetto men (city bred, some in big industries) who do in fact have businesses and sometimes family, and older men seeing my appearence and how I have been abused by the system and sexually harassing me and agressively, trying to treat me like a hooker. To the point where I try to look at the tall buildings whne I walk and take the train to work everyday.

It has bene painful and heartbreaking. I yearn for a man to take care of me after all I've been through or to at least understand how and how to ask because I do all things my self. I am also African American, and picked up by a modeling agency that barely sends me anything and I am shorter I guess for make up and skin.

I know girls get their phone bills paid, by men, given flowers, etc but I don't know how to even began and ask. I
How do I believe I can? How do I find the right guys?
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