My ex boyfriends new girlfriend is gossiping about me. What do I do?

So I've dated my ex boyfriend for 3 and a half years on and off. We just wasn't for each other. He was one controlling boyfriend. Cheated on me multiple times I got so attached to him that I cried my eyes out when he left me. He left me for an older girl just like that but then he things didn't work out with them and he found his current girlfriend his with now and they been dating for 2 let's say 3 years now.

So yes I was hurt, yes after a while I kinda got over it as I didn't jump into straight dating I waited for a while i went on 1 or two dates with the same guy but that didn't go anywhere until i reconciled with an old friend who became my friends with benefits (a girl got needs too) i was just so fed up of the lies and cheating of my ex boyfriend i thought why not enjoy and have fun with someone I know and trust. And until this day we friends with benefits it's been 3 years. I think he has fallen for me as he started buying me gifts , chocolates and stuff Like that. And he just doesn't wanna end things.

Anyway he told me that his sister went to go do her nails by my ex boyfriends girlfriend and my ex boyfriend knows my friends with benefits so they kinda met and his sister told his girlfriend that she's (my friends with benefits) and his girlfriend responded:'Oh is that your brother that is giving with (My name)'

Guys then she told his sister that my ex told her that It's because of my friends with benefits that me and him broke up but it's all lies. I can just imagine how they spoke about me over the nail appointment. Which is not true. We broke up because he left me for another woman. And I don't know why my name came up but what should I do?

Should I confront his girlfriend or my ex boyfriend or should I let things be?

My friends with benefits motivated me to let things be. I'm wondering why they would gossip about me? I mean you got my ex boyfriend what do you still want? My friends with benefits too?
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Sorry I left out a word. 'My friends with benefits sister told his girlfriend that she is his sister. And they probably talked while doing her nails'
My ex boyfriends new girlfriend is gossiping about me. What do I do?
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