Am I wrong to feel this way?

Im with this girl, we’ve been together for 3 months but talked prior for like 3-4 months or whatever. So im oldschool and like to spoil my woman here and there and if she needs like money for hair or nails or food or even gas I got her no problem. she's by no means a golddigger she has her own job own car etc and she RARELY asks for money. So anyway thus far she's only asked like twice and its like a little 15 or 20 bucks here and there for like taco bell or something or gas lol. Recently we were texting and she told me she needed gas but the way it was worded I admittedly misread and thought she meant something else. So i apologize yada yada, tell her I dont have money on my card to transfer but i have cash I can go to her no biggie. She responds “Its ok my friend helped me” then a follow up with “you also don’t need to worry about me asking in the future” I respond with “why do you say that?” and she says “I dont usually do it but when i did it didn't work out so im taking that as a sign not to” Okkk WHAT THE FUCK? isn't that a complete slap to face to everything else I've done for her? The one time i couldnt do it immediately she says that? I even said id come to her with freaking cash. Should I feel pissed off as I am now?
Am I wrong to feel this way?
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