Nothing to talk about, what do I do?

So there's this girl that keeps liking me on Badoo. And me being me, I of cource made it a match.

We go to the same school. She's in arts, I'm in audio.

Last spring I matched with her the first time, and then I unmatched her because the conversation stopped. And now that we matched again, the same thing is happening. I thought of telling her today at school, but I didn't find the appropriate moment.

For those unfamiliar, Badoo asks the user to explicitly state what they're looking for in their profile bio. The options are:

-"Getting to know new people" (i. e. making friends)
-"Dating" (casual)
-"Let's see where it goes"
-"Serious dating" and
-"Lasting relationship" yes, that's how they phrase that.

She wants friends and I want casual dates. This probably means that I have higher expectations, which so far aren't being met. But she did like me, so she probably wants to talk to me.
Nothing to talk about, what do I do?
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