Fell in love with girl that has a boyfriend?

So, there is this girl, i met her and i fell for her, first i was sure she has no boyfriend because she was acting like she is interested in me me but after some stalking her social media i found out she has a boyfriend and that her boyfriend lives in different country, now i am not sure if she likes me or she just wants attention. She never told me she has a boyfriend and it also makes me confused because i was hitting on her and even gave her flowers onec. But one day she started to acts more careful, she started to flirt less like she would feel guilty but still i can see in those eyes that she likes me. The main question is what should i do, i dont want anyone to cheat on anybody, i dont know if i should ask her out as a friend, i dont know if should say straight that i like her or should i ask her does she has a boyfriend (i as told she thinks i dont know anything about her boyfriend) what should i do i dont want to ruin relationship but what if she's not happy with hem, i treat women well i respect them but now i fell in love and i am confused like never before... SOS
Fell in love with girl that has a boyfriend?
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