What was it like to have a crush on a Straight friend?

The feeling of realizing that I had a crush on my friend was ominous for me. I didn't think we'd work out and that I'll never get a chance because I had my assumptions about her preffering guys.
I asked about her sexuality weeks or a month before confessing over Messenger. She told me she was straight and I told her my sexuality in return. I confessed modestly. She told me that it's ok that I like her and that I can't control who I like.
About this friend of mine, well- ex-friend, she has best friends and I was the person who she'd talk to whenever her best friends couldn't come over to her home. I guess she had always used me for company now that I think about it.
One day, in late 2019, she asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her. I told her that I have already saw the movie but I accepted her request and went. She then pulled her phone out during the previews and I was going to get onto her about her having her phone out. She told me that she is waiting for one of her guy friends. I didn't think much of it. A few minutes into the movie, her guy friend came in and she acted so shy that she hid beside me. Then she said, "Did he look over?" I told her no and then she decided to go over and tell him about her presence. They then sat rows below from me, cuddling like a couple for the entire movie. I was so furious. Not because I had a crush on her, but the fact that she used me for company when she knew she could have waited by herself. If my mom trusts that I go to the movies alone, then her mother should too, which her mother probably would allow.
Just seconds before the credits started, I bolted up and rushed out where she met me in front of the cinema's doors. I was so furious that a wave of a strong bad vibe erupted from me. She felt it. She made me waste my aunt's money and I told my aunt about it.

Later that night, I told her a lie about why I gave off that bad vibe. "It was because I was jealous." I lied.
1 y
I couldn't find the exact words for the reason. In September of this year, I think. I confronted her about it and she became a hypocrite, saying, "You just mad because you have a crush on me.😂" "bye, we aren't friends anymore". SHE just didn't want to admit that she used me for company like she always do. In October of this year, I told her mother and gave her proof of screenshots.
What was it like to have a crush on a Straight friend?
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