Can someone be addicted to the affection you give them?

Can someone be addicted the affection you show them. I have a friend whom I been affectionate with for a few months because we both were single and plus I knew she never had a guy that showed her affection so I did it. I remained friends with her while being affectionate. I did everything but kiss her on the lips.(don't plan on it)

Fast forward til now we are both dating people. She started first and I did shortly afterwards. Now I stopped the affection giving to her. Now I get the rubbing up against me, grabbing me, or touching me. But when I ignore those things that usually get my attention in the past she gets mad. She gets quiet, she watch all my interactions I have with other women, she listen to what I say, she even told me not to touch another woman. I joked about touching her she was fine with it because she was used to my touch. She now looks at who I text/try to look at who I'm texting. She wanted to end our friendship for that reason and she feels like I'm ignoring her. When in reality nothing changed but the affection I'm giving her.

I found out recently she loved my affection and everything I did a guy never done to her before. I basically fore play with her too. But since we both seeing other people and she got worse about it when I'm not affectionate with her outside of a hug. She goes crazy/sensitive and have what she calls a "moment"

Is she addicted to my affection and how can I get her to relax with this new sensitive/emotional behavior. She used to not show any emotions but now. She let them all show.
Can someone be addicted to the affection you give them?
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