This woman is quiet or shy, but does she like me?

Hi everyone! To sum it up, I met this woman online (we are around the same age),(I play Steam games with her such as Gmod), from the very start she was open with me about what she thought (telling me that my open/talkative behavior inspired her to be more open/chatty than she normally would), she also asked me a lot of questions about God, she was open to talking about friendships/relationships and marriage topics and even said that i changed her perspective on relationships/marriage (she said a long distance relationship can work if she games with her boyfriend). She has always been a quiet woman and even told me herself that she is quiet with everyone, What caught my attention with her was her openness with how she felt about me and what she said (we were talking about physical appearance and she said stuff like "I like a man with gentle hands" or "Your voice is deep and nice to listen to", she has also commented on how our "Friendship is special to her" and "She has something to look forward to each day" and how "Nice i am, and open" to her. She also leaves her friends game in order to join mine, and usually wants it to be just the two of us instead of 3 or more people. I am also quite a flirt with her, and sometimes I feel like she is playing along, recently i bought her 3 steam games and she didn't know how to respond but she was very thankful that she could play different games with me (she said she didn't want a gift and after i insisted she said "well i won't complain lol". What strikes me as odd, she acts interested in me (she replies right away if she is available) but she always give me a short answer which isn't open ended (example: How was your day?: Good.) and she claims that she likes to listen to me talk (cause she doesn't talk much) My question is, do you think that she has feelings for me? And if so, in what way? Cause I certainly care for her and she knows it (i've said it to). What do you think?
This woman is quiet or shy, but does she like me?
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