Why Do Some Girls Have Hoe Tendencies (Read Below!)?

I am not slut shaming anybody TO EACH THEIR OWN.

I had a certain family member who would hit on every moving being with a di** on it. This included trying to sleep with my boyfriends, my best friend's dad (YES!) and just overall humiliating me to a point where I had to cut her off.

I came across a YouTube StoryTime Series, where someone had a similar experience with a step-sister.

These situations are horrendous because when you are related to a girl who has tried to sleep with everyone, you are automatically associated with her. I had to cut this certain family member off because she started causing me some reallllllly big issues.

I am just wondering why do some people feel the need to behave this way?
She's always been around her family so I can't really see a direct cause in her home life.
Why Do Some Girls Have Hoe Tendencies (Read Below!)?
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