Why doesn't she consider my opinion important?

I'm having a lot of trouble communicating with my girlfriend. We've been together for over a year and a half. I love her to death but it just seems like she's very reckless. We've been dealing a lot of financial stress due to being unemployed at the beginning of the outbreak and all I'm trying to do is make our money last. The issue I'm having is she doesn't really take that into consideration. And will usually blow whatever money we have going and buying nonessential items, like snacks and take out... a lot.

I've set her aside and talked about it but everytime the choice comes she gets the sad puppy eyes or just becomes silent and quiet for the rest the night so I always cave in. It just seems like anytime we have something that needs to be discussed and worked on she ignores what I say unless she hears it from other people, even if its word for word.

I think this extends beyond just financial issues and it really just feels like she doesn't care to listen to me. It infuriates me but I don't want to be mad at her my whole life. What can I do, where should I start.
Why doesn't she consider my opinion important?
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