What does she mean by this?

A girl I've been dating for 2-3 months. We hit things off really quick. Talking daily (i mean literally 16 hours a day) for a month, hanging out, had sex with her by the 2nd and 3rd date. We moved really quick. She told me that she feels like she had known me forever. We got along really well, despite some few differences in lifestyle we had a lot in common and we just seemed to click so well. The sex was amazing, lots of chemistry and our conversations online and in real life seemed to flow so well.

Then by the 3rd month, she seemed to reply a lot slower. We would argue a lot because she'd get angry at me for the smallest little things, like messaging her when she was at work (something she never had a problem with). She literally just changed overnight. She became distant and eventually, 2 days ago we broke up. But she still messages and said she wants to be friends.
What should I do, and why does she still want to be friends?
1 y
she would even talk about future plans together like moving somewhere together to live, i just dont get it. She seemed really invested then went cold over time.
What does she mean by this?
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