Should I keep my distance?

I've recently broke up with a girl, it was a terrible break up and since then I moved away from where I was living and I'm kinda starting over.

A girl from where I was living before just started talking to me a lot. She's having boyfriend troubles and all that and she is a bit younger than me. I feel like she is prepping herself to break up with this guy then try get with me. And as much as I like the attention because I don't normally get attention should I talk to her and let her know nothing like that will happen?

She's pretty hot and all that but I don't think jumping from a relationship into someone else is a good idea. And I just got out of a relationship myself too.

Tomorrow she wants to call me on the phone, things feel like they're going super fast too. It's been less then 24 hours 😅 I can tell she's keen but I can also tell she is very naive. Should I keep my distance?
Should I keep my distance?
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