How come some women are jealous?

I been with my man for two years now. We had to take time sometime away from each other because I was battling some issues on my own and plus he had things to do as well. I wanted to be mentally strong the next time we meet. I been dealing with female coworkers that work with him trying to force things down my throat. One girl was having a conversation while whispering to someone else “what she don’t know is that he got a girlfriend” to another woman. The lady said she’s getting tired of women becoming this jealous. His supervisor and coworkers said they getting tired of female coworkers pushing their beliefs down my throat. They want to forcefully place him with another woman while continuing their ideas of flirting with him for money. We moving in together soon and they still want him with others that will love him for only money. Females at his job never liked me
How come some women are jealous?
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