Should I continue pursuing her?

So I've been talking to this girl long distance for years. Finally got a chance to fly her here in March. We talked all the time and stuff. She wants to come and party and go on dates. She even states that she can't wait for future dates. She also want to wear matching outfits on st patricks day. As I try to figure out the dates for her to come. She stop replying.

Seen her post on fb, but she doesn't have the time to answer the question I asked. So three days later, I message her went back and forth couple of messages. Then I asked if she still coming to visit so I can set the dates. She said, "I have to make sure I can get the time off and I got to work out my vacation days". I just told her I'll get back with her to get an update. Is this a way for her to blow me off and should I move on?
Should I continue pursuing her?
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