Do you think she genuinely likes me or am I for attention?

I've been friendly with this girl for almost a year. We initially started talking cause we were in the same relationship situation, but we both are now single and we talk every week, and we talk about anything, basic things to deep things.
She doesn't like talking about herself, but she has with me. She has sent me pictures and videos of herself, not nudes or anything, just selfies and random things she does.
I'm not comfortable with myself, and I've gotten comfortable enough to send some back and we exchange them every now and again.
She messages me with anything going on, like getting a promotion, getting a puppy, and asks my opinion on things.
It honestly feels like we are in a relationship because of how we talk and constantly check in. We haven't been able to see each other for a while cause of covid, and our job duties and schedules. She's stopped dating, to my knowledge, since we started talking. I haven't dated at all for a while, and we don't talk about anyone else like that. We've joked about doing things and traveling together, but nothing has happened yet.

I'm not sure what to do, as I'm really attracted to her and I love talking with her and everything about her. I'm sure she knows I like her. She constantly texts me first and I try to check in as well, but I'm extremely introverted.

Does she like me?
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Do you think she genuinely likes me or am I for attention?
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